Featured Educator: Anthony Palmiotto



We’re excited to announce Anthony Palmiotto, a digital and media arts teacher at Point Loma High School in San Diego, as the Featured Educator of the Month!

Anthony’s decision to become a teacher first came about in a film history class in college, and now he has been teaching for 13 years. Here are a few things we asked Anthony and what he had to say:

Roadtrip: How do you see the Roadtrip Nation curriculum influencing your students?

Anthony: It gives the students who aren’t sure about their road in life an opportunity to think about it and for the students who are sure it gives them the opportunity to evaluate that path a little more in depth. It’s an awesome curriculum that anyone with an interest in learning could benefit from.

Roadtrip: Tell us about a moment in your life that has helped you define your own road so far.

Anthony: In 2000, I was watching Christopher Nolan’s Memento in the theater and I realized I needed to go to film school, which I eventually did five years later at SDSU, and that road brought me to my high school position: teaching multimedia and video production.

One of Anthony’s curriculum implementation practices that stood out to us was the way he has used the Forum feature online—posting class discussion starters on the Forum is a great way to get your Roadtrip Nation class thinking and talking about the important themes found inside the curriculum. Not to mention, it also helps further the 21st century skills they’ll need post-high school!

Keep up the amazing work, Anthony!

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