La Serna High School Visits Roadtrip Nation!


We had the pleasure of hosting Film and Media Academy students from Karen D’Brot’s class at La Serna High School in Whittier, Calif., at our office last week!


The students were full of energy and enthusiasm, and we loved getting to spend time with them! We gave Karen’s class a tour of our office and they even got to be a part of our upcoming lesson videos for the new curriculum launching in the fall! Since this group of students was particularly interested in film and media, we gave them a closer look at how our Production department edits Roadtrip Nation footage in the computer program Final Cut Pro. The students are currently in Section lll of The Roadtrip Nation Experience, so we are hoping that they can use some of the tools they learned from the editors to help them create great videos for their upcoming interview projects.


We would like to give a big THANK YOU to Karen and her wonderful class for coming to the Roadtrip Nation Headquarters! We had so much fun! If your class would like to take a field trip to Roadtrip Nation, please email



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One Response to La Serna High School Visits Roadtrip Nation!

  1. TBosch said:

    What a great bunch of kids. I have missed having you in class this year, but I am excited that you are finishing high school strong.

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