Teaching Tip- Session Timeout!


For security reasons the online curriculum has a “session timeout,” which means that after 20 minutes of inactivity there will be a warning that pops up on screen asking if you want to stay logged in. If this warning is ignored for longer than two minutes, you will automatically be logged out.


To make sure your students do not lose their work, they should routinely click “Save Draft” (at the bottom of the page), or type their answers on a blank document and then copy and paste the text into the fields.


“Inactivity” can be as simple as typing in a text box for five minutes, leaving to make a sandwich for 20 minutes, and then coming back to your computer to find you have been timed out.


Please email me at molly@roadtripnation.org if you need any help! Have a lovely week!


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  1. Alyssa said:

    hey guys im new to this i dont know what im supposed to do but i found this and thought that i would write something on here sooo HEY!!!!! :) MY friend Brandi said HEYY 2 ;)

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