Featured Educator: Annie Delgado!!


We are SO excited to announce that our Featured Educator is Annie Delgado from Buhach Colony High School in Central California!  Annie is an incredibly encouraging, enthusiastic, and empowering teacher, and we are beyond thrilled to have her as our Featured Educator! I had the chance to talk with Annie about her personal story and hear how Roadtrip Nation is influencing her and her students this school year.



Molly: Where were you when you were a teenager, and how did you get to where you are today?


Annie: Summer before my senior year in high school, I was working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. This was the first step in my long-term plan to be the first female president of the United States. I attended college and law school in Washington, D.C., when I started to look at the world differently. I had taught some classes at the high school level, through a law school program, when my professor asked me if I would ever consider teaching. I can go back to the moment in the classroom and remember my emphatic, “No way!” When the legal profession did not turn out to be what I had hoped, I sought that feeling in the only place I had ever found it before―the classroom. I cannot believe I have been doing this for ten AMAZING years!


Molly: How do you see Roadtrip Nation influencing your students?


Annie: It is one thing for my students to hear me say, “Think outside the box.” It is another thing altogether when they hear it from Leaders who are in fields of interest to them. I have learned not to be bothered that they did not “hear” my voice when I was saying it, but instead I have found the ability to be grateful that they have heard it at all. How lucky these young women and young men are to know that they have the power to define their own Roads, find their passions, and know their true selves. At times I want to say, “Could I please push rewind and give this a shot, Roadtrip Nation style?”


Molly: What is your personal favorite part about Roadtrip Nation?


Annie: I love the Cold-Call, simply because I have been there so many times, and I can completely relate to the fear and anxiety that my students exude at the thought of a Cold-Call. I have been unsuccessful in many Cold-Calls, but I have also found success. The fact that you never know how the Call is going to go is what makes the process exhilarating. The other critical lesson for me is found in Lesson 4. This Lesson highlights that the only way to get good is to fail. I know I would not appreciate what I have been able to provide my students if I had never been rejected.


Molly: What is a memorable Roadtrip Nation moment in your classroom?


Annie: The Green RV! The Green RV! The Green RV!  I feel like the stars aligned and shined upon my students when the Green RV showed up to surprise my women’s studies students, as well as our school’s AVID students. In our tiny corner of the world, there are few WOW moments, and that is why this experience was so important for the teachers and had such an impact on our students. We had the chance to bring the outside world to them. The Roadies were outgoing, answered the students’ questions, and let the students mark the RV with positive and empowering messages. I love walking through the halls and seeing the bright green stickers on the students’ books and pins on their backpacks. As I told one student today, as I made my way through the hall, “I support the Green RV, too!”  She tapped the sticker on her binder and smiled. The memory of the experience was real for the both of us. Roadtrip Nation makes dreams come true!


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