Teaching Tip: Badges!


Hi, Educators! As your students complete their Projects, I want to highlight the Roadtrip Project Badges! We created Badges to encourage your students to do more than what is required to get 100 percent on their Roadtrip Projects. Listed below are the names of the Badges and how your students can get each one:






Snap Happy: 2-5 photos

Paparazzi: 6-10 photos

Photo Ninja: 11+ photos




Conversation Starter: 2 interviews

Insight Hunter: 3 interviews

Wisdom Warrior: 4+ interviews




Field Reporter: 5-7 blogs

Staff Writer: 8-12 blogs

Editor-in-Chief: 13+ blogs




Fresh Filmer: 1 video

Diehard Director: 2 videos

Cine-maniac: 3+ videos



As an educator, you can use the Badges to encourage your students to add more blogs, interviews, videos, and photos to their Roadtrip Projects! Good luck with the end of the school year!

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