30 Reasons to Be Thankful You’re a Teacher

Be Thankful!

The blaring alarm at 6 AM, the papercuts from trying to quickly grade tests, struggling to find a balance between caring-too-much for your students and not-caring-enough about your own need for sleep. Teaching comes with a lot of baggage, and often times it’s not even your own. But there’s a lot to be thankful for when it comes to being a teacher. Check out 30 reasons you should give yourself a high five for being a teacher!



  1. Becoming an expert handwriter.
  2. The light bulb. Corny, but it’s like seeing a unicorn.
  3. Scented markers.
  4. Free parent training.
  5. Daily cardio because you’re never sitting (hopefully).
  6. Always knowing what’s in fashion.
  7. Seeing your students succeed long after you’ve been their teacher.
  8. Laughing everyday (preferably not at students).
  9. A stronger immune system.
  10. Perfecting “the look” a la Cesar Millan.
  11. The ability to decipher hieroglyphics bad handwriting.
  12. Knowing 50 ways to use construction paper.
  13. Time to explore your passion—whether on vacation or in the classroom).
  14. Having a (sometimes) captive audience.
  15. Working with other people who are as inspiring as you are.
  16. Knowing you’re building a legacy everyday.
  17. The opportunity to inspire a new generation—literally.
  18. Being part of a community that cares if you’re out sick or celebrating your birthday.
  19. How being someone’s “favorite teacher” can make you feel like you won an Oscar.
  20. Your brain never turns to mush because of the new skills, technology, and changes occurring in education.
  21. All the deals, discounts, and specials to make teachers feel appreciated.
  22. Being the gateway to “retro” pop culture like David Bowie and Saved by the Bell.
  23. The challenge to be a better, kinder, more patient person.
  24. Endless Starbucks cards.
  25. Knowing your smile, high five, or compliment could turn around a kid’s day.
  26. Having kids…without having kids.
  27. Using magical powers to turn something boring or uncool into a challenging and memorable experience.
  28. Always knowing the latest boy band, and all it’s members.
  29. Knowing how to repurpose anything and everything.
  30. Living on in the stories your past students will tell their own children one day.

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